KU Picks

What’s hot in KU? Check out all of these books Free on KU. We will also have monthly hot picks for all of you KU lovers.

Authors, please contact us to have your KU books added to the mix. Monthly picks will have a featured content spot on our blog page.

Readers, just enjoy!

woman boxer portraitBookPerfectImperfectionspicPerfectlyFlawedWell2CharcoaltearsbookcoverFirstWorldbookcoverHiddenWingsbookcoverThetimethiefbookcoverHATETOLOVEYOUFINALCOVER2Soulsdiscoveredbookcoversouls2_promoBookofsoulscover
cursedbythegodsbookcoverBedlambookcoverNightwalkerbookcoverThelibertyboxbookcover Tritons Prophecy cover rebels blade cover