Book Review Policy

Due to the high amount of requests received, we will not be taking anymore review requests at this time. Feature will be available soon when booking becomes free. Thanks for all of your interest!

Book requests and ARCs

  • Please email us at or fill out our review request form below if you would like us to review your book. We will have a two week or less turn around time for reviews based on our schedules.
  • Please do not send us a copy (digital or paperback) of your book until we have agreed to review it. This helps protect your work and also us.
  • There are several people on our team to review. Which allows us to pair your books accordingly for the best possibly review.  If you would like one of us specifically, please include that in your email or comments and we will try to accommodate it.

Books we accept

  • Ebook (Mobi and PDF but not preferred)
  • Paperback/Hardback
  • Self published (Indie Authors)


  • Will be posted on the Blog , Amazon and Goodreads
  • We will also promote books on Instagram and Twitter
  • *must have paperback or hardback for Instagram post.
  • If for any reason we do not like the book we will contact you before we post a bad review.


  • Pretty much anything
  • Except: Non-fiction, M/M and F/F romances
  • If you aren’t sure, email us anyways.

Rating System

  • 5 Stars- I loved the book. Definitely a 1-click read.
  • 4 Stars- I really liked the book. Will recommend to fellow readers.
  • 3 Stars- I liked the book. It needed some work.
  • 2 Stars- I thought the book was Okay. Would not read again or recommend.
  • 1 Star-  I thought the book was not enjoyable.

Please fill out the Review Request form for any read and reviews. Thank you.